The Human Fund supports arts education programs for Cleveland youth, providing a commitment to funding the CMSD All-City Arts and Music Program and Festival annually.

We are an unconventional non-profit taking a fresh approach to fundraising.  We take arts education seriously and as a friend of the arts, the Human Fund is committed to financial support for youth arts programming.



Andy Rayburn, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

The Human Fund has evolved in a rapid and amazing way since our start in 2005.  We have provided significant financial support to the CMSD Arts and Music Program which is our current focus.  More important is the message we have sent to thousands of Cleveland school children- that we emphasize the value of arts and music in their daily education.  When the last school bell of the day rings, then kids can go to the art studio, to the rehearsal room, to the stage, as an alternative to going out to the streets.

We are privileged to be the enablers of their positive alternatives, and grateful to all of those who have become engaged in our efforts to bring positive energy to the city of Cleveland.


Heather Rayburn, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

The arts are often overlooked as something frivolous or a luxury pursuit.  We are working to change those misconceptions.  If we provide the path for the next Warhol or Beyoncé to emerge, that's great, however there are many, many other career opportunities in the creative fields. Over the last century, some careers that have emerged are graphic design, professional photography, fashion design, illustrators, video production, among many others.   From 1900 to 1950 creative careers made up 5% of the U.S. workforce. From 1950 to 1980 that number rose to 10%.  From 1980 to today, creative careers make up 33% of our nations workforce.  That's over forty million people contributing over two trillion dollars to U.S. GDP.  

The Human Fund is thrilled to be supporting the student artists, musicians and performers who will make up the next generation of the creative class.  

Many thanks to our dedicated supporters and volunteers who have helped to make the Human Fund a success over the last ten years! 

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