Heather's business background focuses on marketing and branding as she worked with national and international companies such as National City Bank, Ford, and the J.M. Smucker Company, among many others, to develop their corporate identities. In college Heather initially took business and marketing classes like many students so that she could get a "real" job and have a useful degree. However, she finally succumbed to her passion for the arts and completed a bachelor's degree in Art History, including studies in Italy, and then completed a Master's Degree in Modern and Contemporary Art and the History of the Art Market in New York City. Studying the art market, and the major impact that globalization has begun to have in its evolution within the last five years, she realized that she could introduce students to many "real" career paths in the burgeoning art economy. With her combined background in business, education, and high level art contacts, Heather is determined to bring a new knowledge base and resources to Cleveland to develop a model for career and economic development within the visual arts. Heather and Andy are both immersed in the art world as they build their own private collection and as owners of a New York Gallery that features works by great 20th century and contemporary artists.